Sunday, April 13, 2008


Perez Hilton to boycott Xtina?

One of my guilty pleasures is checking out gossip sites for celebrity tittle-tattle - Perez Hilton, Holy Moly, Popbitch and Go Fug Yourself. Although they get a lot of readers, how much influence do these sites have on the big corporations? We may find out soon, as Perez has declared he will no longer support any of Sony BMG's artists on his site.
We KNOW that our support can help their artists, some of our favorites,
immensely. We hope alienating us was worth it for Sony BMG!

Every other
label out there wants to have us as a friend. It really makes us question the
business practices of Sony BMG that they would rather have Perez as an enemy.

Their loss!

And, though we may never write about Leona again, we
still love her. Always will. Same for Xtina. And J Lo. And Adele. And Ditto.

Our heart is sad.

My question is, will Sony even notice this? Will it get picked up by the blogosphere, or will it just be quietly forgotten?

As Joanna Lumley sensibly pointed out in her very wise Guardian interview yesterday, we survived perfectly well without these sites and magazines before they became so prominent, and we certainly can do again!

Finally, I'd like to share my soundtrack for this week: Robyn's "Who's That Girl?"

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