Wednesday, February 06, 2008


Pancake Day in St Albans

I took my bemused Australian cousin to a strange local event, the annual St Albans Pancake Day race. Four teams can do the relay at once - there were groups from local businesses, the Abbey (you can see the Abbey's bell tower at the back of this photo) and various Council departments, all taking time out from their lunch breaks to race up and down tossing pancakes.

Some people could watch from comfort, indoors.

Hertfordshire's Fourth Estate were out in force.

The Planning Department team were victorious and the Deputy Mayor (the verbose chap on the right who looks like a football manager) presented them with the Frying Pan of Glory.

The phalanx of photographers insisted on decorating the conquering heroes with clammy pancakes to mark their triumph.

I was delighted to capture this dramatic semi-final heat on video: this is the first time I've uploaded anything to YouTube. You can hear me squawk "Oooh, the vicar's down!" as if I'm watching a wrestling match. Which I suppose this is, in a way: a clash of the veritable titans of the pancake-entertainment world.

The sprinting vicars remind me of Bishop Brennan's magnificent fury in a certain Father Ted episode. Dad commented that they remind him more of the Spanish Inquisition. There's just something inherently comical about people sprinting in robes.

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Hee hee. Sounds fun!
Thanks for this!

How did you find my LiveJournal post? Have just posted a link to your video and blog too...
Rosie, that Youtube clip was hilarious!
Hi Rosie,

Love the video! It looks like you're interviewing me for the Great American Interview Experiment. I'm looking forward to it!
Thank you for your kind comment regarding my friend. I have had a quick look at your blog today and will have a longer read on Sunday.
It is very interesting.
I was there at the Pancake day in St.Albans. It's always good fun!
I like that video very much.
:-D nice to meet another Rosie Clarke from stalbans, theres two of us with the same name in the same town!
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