Wednesday, February 21, 2007


A good day for vegetarianism

I cannot find anyone to watch Status Quo with me. I took home the DVD from the magazine office to review it, but everyone I mention it to looks at me askance. I selected it purely because last week I happened to catch part of a documentary about Live Aid, featuring Rick Parfitt and Francis Rossi - and more than any of the other stars of the 80s, they really struck me as being typical down to earth, humorous dads who just happened to have forgotten large chunks of the last 20 years. Now I'm running out of time and still haven't sat down with it.

I purchased a whole roast chicken that I really felt like enjoying. The checkout guy wrapped it separately and handed me all my bags. Or so I thought. I got home, unpacked, then realised I was missing a chook. And that the supermarket was 20 minutes walk away so would definitely be closed. I am growling with rage, frustration, hunger pangs ... and worry at the thought of a warm chicken spreading bacteria across the supermarket. See, I only think of others! Pete finds this funny. But then, he is a vego.

I finally finished my collage for the creativity group, which I was surprised to find illustrated a lot of things for me. The photo shows the potential pig...


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